The Best Flowers To Get For Valentine's Day Based On Your Relationship

Young woman holding beautiful red flowers bouquet

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Friendly reminder that we're less than a month away from Valentine's Day so get your gifts and affairs in order, but if you're wondering what type of flowers to get for your boo this year it really depends on what type of relationship you're in!

While around 250 MILLION roses are produced each year for Valentine’s Day, you don't necessarily need to get them to boost your relationship according to floral experts.

Here are the best flowers to get this year for Valentine's Day and what they represent in your relationship so plan accordingly:

  • Best Flowers for Established Relationships and Anniversaries - Hybrid Lily, which can symbolize marriage.
  • Best Flowers for a New Romance - Ranunculus, which symbolizes charm and attraction.
  • Best Flowers for Friendship - Tulips, especially the “cheerful” yellow ones.
  • Most Affordable Flowers - Carnations, which last a long time and come in a variety of colors.
  • Best Splurge - Orchids, which are delicate, but beautiful.
  • Most Unconventional Flower Pairing - Sunflowers and Red Roses, as mixing the two "adds playfulness."
  • Best Filler Flower - Snapdragon, which are elegant and look lovely in an arrangement.
  • Best Rose - Country Rose, which are tight spiral roses.
  • The Show-Stopper - Anemone, these are pricey, but have “personality” and symbolize protection.

Also make sure to ask your boo that they actually like flowers because there's nothing worse than finding out they are allergic to certain flowers or hate certain ones!

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