Liking Someone's Instagram Story Is The New Version Of 'Poking'

Midsection Of Woman Using Smart Phone On Table In Cafe

Photo: Getty Images

Turns out you might not want to like every story you see on Instagram unless you're trying to flirt with someone!

While liking someone's Instagram story has been a feature for the past year, people are starting to realize that the little heart button might convey a flirting interest just like Facebook's "Poke" feature from back in the day.

According to data site YouGov, one in five people admitted to using social media for flirting and dating in 2022 and while this doesn't mean that someone is immediately flirting with you because they like your story, if it happens multiple days in a row then there might be something there.

Some people in the study even admitted that they use Story likes as a flirting method to hint that their DMs are open or to bring their name to the top of the person’s story views potentially as a subtle-not-so-subtle nudge.

Might want to hold back on liking every photo of your IG bestie in the meantime!

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