Expert Tips On Scoring A Cheaper Flight In 2023

Man holding passport and boarding pass at airline check-in counter

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Buying a flight can be a hassle if you're trying to find the right flight for the right price, but thanks to a group of travel experts you can now book your next flight without being stressed out!

The top tip travel experts recommended was to book during the "Goldilocks window" which is one to three month ahead of a domestic flight and two to eight months before an international flight. Here are some of the other tips they recommend:

  • Book during the “Goldilocks window”
  • Travel on the cheapest days to fly - To cut travel costs, fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, which are typically the cheapest days to take flights.
  • Don’t bother searching “incognito” - They tested the theory and the rate doesn't fluctuate that much or at all if you're looking in a normal browser or private mode.
  • Get a refund on cancellations - Seek a refund, if applicable, for canceled flights. Flyers are eligible for a full refund in cash if the airline “significantly changes” the flight and the customer decides not to fly.
  • Score extra legroom for cheap - Keep your eye out for cheap business class flights, which though “quite a bit pricier than economy” have become more affordable because they have extra leg room.
  • Select the right departure city - International flights departing from New York City, Boston, Miami, Tampa and Orlando are typically the least expensive.

You can read more on each tip HERE, but happy flying in the meantime!

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