People Are Removing Their Braces With Spoons In The Latest TikTok Trend

If you've had or currently have braces you know that they are the worst, especially when you get them tightened every month, but apparently people are trying to take them off on TikTok in a new weird trend.

The new trend is showing people ways to DIY the removal of their braces at home with a spoon and we're already cringing at the thought of all that dental work going out the window for TikTok views.

You can see some of the videos that went viral earlier this week below, but apparently people are popping off their brackets by using the front of a metal spoon and if you are thinking of doing this just know that your orthodontist won't be too happy about it on your next visit.

Maybe just stick with the braces and retainer instead as your orthodontist intended??

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