Zillow Named DC As The 'Loneliest City In America'

Young Couple Visiting Washington DC

Photo: Getty Images

Being called the "Loneliest City in America" sounds like it's a bad thing, especially when Zillow is saying it, but it turns out it can actually be a good thing!

Zillow just released their ten loneliest cities in the US and DC topped the list this year with 48.2% of all households having only one occupant and while emotionally this sounds bad, it actually means a good number of people are doing great living on their own.

Apparently more than 150,000 residents live alone in the nation's capital and experts say the number of single-person homes in The District will likely continue to increase, as it has from 2016.

However, it looks like the same is true elsewhere in the DMV because Baltimore, Alexandria, and even Richmond made the list for "loneliest cities in America." Here's the other cities that made the top ten:

  1. Washington D.C. 
  2. St. Louis, Missouri 
  3. Alexandria, Virginia 
  4. Richmond, Virginia 
  5. Cincinnati, Ohio
  6. Cleveland, Ohio
  7. New Orleans, Louisiana 
  8. Birmingham, Alabama 
  9. Atlanta, Georgia 
  10. Baltimore, Maryland 

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