You Need To Watch Out For The 'Coffee Question' At Your Next Job Interview

Good coffee and even better company

Photo: Getty Images

Interviews are already nerve-wracking enough in 2023, but you might want to prepare yourself for one interview question that can be a make or break to some employers and it involves coffee!

Over the weekend Trent Innes, an Australian tech boss went viral for revealing the one question he asks during interviews that makes or breaks a potential employee for him actually isn't a question at all, but involves asking the employee if they want a cup of coffee.

Apparently he walks people through the office to show how the day-to-day life would be and then asks if the person wants coffee or something to drink. He then gives them an actual cup and sees what the person does with their cup at the end of the interview.

If the person just leaves the cup then he knows they aren't considerate of the office and if they either ask what to do with the cup or take it back then he moves them up his list.

It's a smart move that people won't immediately realize what it actually means, but just prepare for a lot more employers to use the same tactic.

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