Millennial Wedding Trends That Will Be Popular In 2023

To beautiful beginnings

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It's a whole new year and if you're getting married this year then the countdown is most likely on for you!

Whether you're getting married next month or later this year you always want to stay current and according to a group of experts these are the top wedding trends for millennials in 2023:

  • Unofficial officiants - Lots of millennials have chosen to have a friend or family member marry them instead of a priest or formal officiant.
  • Wedding maximalism - Go big when you have your wedding, including things like multiple outfit changes, hair changes, and week-long parties.
  • Direct flash and blur-motion photography - Retro-style photography is back, and that includes blur-motion, direct flash, and straight up film photography.
  • Bridal brunches - Some couple are opting to skip a traditional wedding venue and have their wedding at their favorite restaurant, and doing a brunch instead.
  • Night luxe vibes - Couples who chose to do traditional nighttime weddings are making their night high glamor with flash photography and sparkle.
  • Unexpected processionals, recessionals, and reception entrances - Couples put a unique spin on tradition – think having grandma as the flower girl.
  • Digital everything - Digital invitations have taken the place of traditional printed invites. It saves money and is eco-conscious!
  • Upcycled details - 19% of 2023 couples say they’re thrifting their wedding look and/or elements of their wedding.
  • Unique outdoor tents - Tents give off a cozy and intimate ambience. It was a go-to during the pandemic for weddings and it’s stuck.

To see more you can go HERE, but we're 100% here for making your pets the ringbearers and flower girls!!

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