Caviar-Topped Doritos Are TikTok's New Food Trend

Are you a fan of caviar? You might start to actually like it after trying this new food hack that's been trending for the first few days of 2023 on TikTok!

"Caviar-topped Doritos" are the latest snack trend where people are willingly topping their nacho cheese-flavored chips with fish eggs and it apparently tastes good.

The search topic “Doritos and caviar” has over 409 million views on TikTok and you don't even have to use the expensive caviar to make it taste great, but not going to lie we're not even sure where to buy caviar!

You can see two caviar-topped Doritos videos that helped start the trend below, but we'll just stick with extra shredded cheese on top of our Doritos instead!

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