Taco Bell May Add Nacho Fries To Its Permanent Menu

Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Premiere

Photo: Getty Images

It looks like Taco Bell may be adding a fan-favorite item to its permanent menu in 2023!

Taco Bell's CEO just announced that the company is testing and looking into adding Nacho Fries as a permanent menu item so you no longer have to wait until the summer to enjoy them.

Taco Bell's fries first popped up on the menu as a limited-edition item in 2018 and every year signal the changing of seasons, but the chain sells so much of them every year which is why the full-time addition is being considered.

At the same time, Taco Bell is also considering more chicken-based items for the menu and we're 100% for this, but can we also bring back the doubledilla that came with aside of chips and their taquitos too in 2023!?

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