You Can Get Paid $1,000 To Watch Holiday Movies This Month

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If you're like most people for the month of December you are probably watching your staple holiday movies from your childhood, but you can actually get PAID for reliving your holiday nostalgia this year!

Online writing platform EduBirdie is searching for 25 'Christmas zealots' who will help them "catch the spirit of Christmas" by participating in one of five holiday-themed research groups.

EduBirdie has divided five different holiday tasks based with each research group and if you pull it off you can get $1,00 for the following:

  • Home Aloners - Watch a Christmas movie every day for two weeks
  • Cookie Guards - Taste food each day and rank it on how iconic of a Christmas snack it is
  • Heartgivers - Listen to "lovey-dovey" Christmas music for 30 minutes a day with a person of your choice
  • Grinch Hunters - Receive a present every day and then report on if you like the gift or not.
  • Luck Elves - Do all of the above tasks

Each research group will work for exactly two weeks, starting on December 26th, and you can apply HERE if you want to keep the holiday spirit going after December 25th!

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