Woman Goes Viral For Her PowerPoint Presentation Of Her Dating Fails

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If you had to look back on your 2022 dating life, would you cringe or be happy it happened? One woman just went viral for making a PowerPoint presentation of her dating fails this year and we are HERE for it!

Taking inspiration from ALL the end-of-the-year lists you keep seeing everywhere, TikTok user @amberwavesofbrain created a presentation that showed her dating fails of 2022 out of the 18 dates she went on this year.

The video has over THREE MILLION views as of now and includes a pie chart on where she met everyone, the longest number of dates she went on with someone, percentages of how much she spent/wasted, and so much more.

Why do we feel like Hinge, or any other dating app, might hire her to help them out with their end-of-the-year reports next year!? See her presentation below!

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