The Average Person Has Four Holiday-Related Hangovers This Month

Sweet dreams after Christmas part

Photo: Getty Images

With the end of the years and holidays rapidly approaching you most likely have several holiday parties to attend this year and you might want to prepare yourself for that hangover the next day!

According to new research the average person will actually have FOUR holiday-related hangovers this year, which if you factor in ALL your work parties, the holidays themselves, and going out to bars with friends, that seems pretty easy to get a hangover in December.

The average person will also apparently have a holiday hangover for about ten hours so you might want to plan accordingly with Pedialyte and your go-to junk food to make things a little easier.

You can read more from the research HERE, but the most common hangover cures people said were fresh air, coffee, and staying in bed so maybe keep that in mind!

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