Airport Hacks You Can Use To Make Holiday Travel Easier

Airport scene - Decorated Christmas Tree with a Flight Departures Display

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Holiday travel is officially starting up and you might want to brace yourself because the airport is going to be a "cluster" this month!

However, you can actually breeze through security and make your airport experience more enjoyable by including some of these travel hacks that work according to travel experts:

  • Always turn left at security - Most people are right-handed, so they head right at security so going left can avoid the crowds and get through TSA checks quickly and easily
  • Pack extra socks in your carry-on - The floor at security is “one of the dirtiest and highly trafficked areas in an airport,” but if you have a second pair of socks in your bag, you can change them out and avoid wearing that nastiness for the rest of the day.
  • Switch your roller bag to an upright one - Instead of a roller bag that you roll and pull from behind, get one that sits upright to alleviate shoulder and back pain,” she suggests.
  • Check Your Carry-On Bag - Avoid trying to find a space for your carry-on bag by check it for free at the gate!
  • Bring a refillable water bottle - Save money by just filling the bottle up after going through security.
  • Don’t buy snacks at the airport - We all know how expensive airport food prices can be, so this is another way to save money while making sure you have something you enjoy eating for your flight.
  • Invest in a portable battery pack - Instead of bringing a separate charger for your phone, laptop and iPad, buy a battery pack so you can charge everything in one.

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