Dating Trends That Will Be Everywhere In 2023

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We're quickly approaching 2023 and with it brings a whole new year of opportunity to find "the one" or at least a good time, but that also means a whole new year of dating trends you might want to study up on!

According to a group of dating experts, these are some of the early dating trends to expect next year, which will probably be replaced by other dating trends in March:

  1. Inflatadates: Inflation is going to have a big impact on dating, meaning that instead of expensive, high-end dates, more people are going to go on more budget-friendly dates.
  2. Wanderlove: One in three Bumble users surveyed say that they’re now more open to being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t live in their current city. Expect a lot of relationships to "go the distance" and cross the Virginia-Maryland border!
  3. Ethical sex-ploration: Bumble also found that 16% of American respondent said they’ve considered a non-monogamous relationship, so expect more relationships to learn into this.
  4. Dry dating: Millennials and Gen Z have been making sober and sober curious lifestyles more common, which will spill into the dating scene, too.
  5. Open casting: Say goodbye to the “tall, dark, and handsome” stereotype! Bumble’s findings show that 38% of people globally are more open to who they’d date and 28% are putting less emphasis on dating people they’re “expected” to date.

You can learn more about each dating trend HERE, but it also might be a good time to refresh those dating profile pictures!

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