Denny's Is Offering Free Breakfast For A Year If You Buy This Shirt

Even though most Black Friday deals have been up since October, there's still one deal that you might want to wake up early for and you can get it at Denny's!

The restaurant chain has announced that it is selling a t-shirt that doubles as a year-long breakfast subscription for $6 on November 4th and they're calling it their "Everyday Value Tees."

The shirts will only cost you $5.99, and they technically have a $2,186 value because if you wear the shirt to Denny's then you can get a FREE Everyday Value Slam (two eggs, two bacon strips or sausage links, and a choice of pancakes, French toast, or a biscuit and gravy) every single day for a year!

Denny's will only be selling 150 of the t-shirts and they actually feature a QR code that you use to redeem your free breakfast on every trip through December 31, 2023.

The shirt will be released at midnight on November 24, Thanksgiving Day, at Denny’s online merch store, so prepare yourself now to get a head-start on your Black Friday competition!

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