TSA PreCheck Just Got Even Cheaper


Photo: Getty Images

If you're that person who out of your friend group, are the only one who has to take their shoes off while going through TSA then get excited because it just got even cheaper to get TSA PreCheck!

The Transportation Security Administration is reducing the cost to apply to its TSA PreCheck program and only making enrollment and in-person renewal fees $78 instead of $85.

While the cost to renew online will remain the same at $70, this will make things even easier if you are flying home for the holidays this year. Travelers who apply for the program for the first time must apply online and then schedule an in-person appointment to actually get approved.

Some travel-focused credit cards will even refund the cost of enrollment in TSA PreCheck, including the Chase Sapphire Reserve card and the American Express Platinum card, so you could be getting through airport security lines later this year for cheap!

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