This VR Headset Kills the User If They Die in the Game

Virtual reality just got even more immersive and dangerous at the same time thanks to the original creator of the Oculus Rift headset creating a new headset that explodes if the user dies in the game they are playing!

While Palmer Luckey may have first gained notoriety for creating the Oculus Rift, he's gaining more attention in 2022 for creating a new VR headset that has three charges attached to the headset that would go off if a game-over screen is reached in the game you are playing.

Now this seems like an early April Fool's Day joke, but apparently Luckey was inspired by the anime Sword Art Online, which features a similar presence with VR headsets on the show.

Luckey says the VR headset is just a piece of office art for now, but you already know some small company is going to try and recreate his headset and sell it to people in the near-future. You can see what the headset looks like below!


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