The Top Three Dating Turnoffs In America

Young woman on a bad blind date

Photo: Getty Images

What's the biggest turnoff for you on a first date? Turns out we'd all really appreciate if our date had good hygiene according to a new survey!

Adult brand LELO conducted a survey of 2,000 sexually active adults that asked them about their dating/sexual preferences and their turn-ons and turnoffs and poor hygiene came in at the top dating turn-off. Here were the other three as well as what participants commonly said about each turn-off:

  1. Poor hygiene - 60% of those surveyed said having poor hygiene was a good reason to call it quits like not washing your hands after using the bathroom or not showering.
  2. Talking about exes - 33% of those surveyed said bringing up an ex is a dating no-no, especially on the first date.
  3. Being flirty with other people - 31% said flirting with others is a turnoff and if you're going to do it on a first date then why even bother going on the date!?

You can go HERE to read more about the survey and that top dating turn-ons, but just make sure to scrub behind your ears before your next date!

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