How Much Exercise You Need To Burn Off Halloween Candy

Boy in skeleton costume holding bowl full of candies

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While having leftover Halloween candy might seem like a good thing to have a sweet treat to get you through the week, you might want to reconsider all that candy when you realize how much you have to exercise to burn it all off!

The National Academy of Sports Medicine has done the math and based on a weight of 180 pounds, this is the exercise that it’ll take to work off the calories in some popular Halloween candies:

  • Snickers - Fun size Snickers bar have 160 calories, which requires 125 minutes of pushups to burn off (an average of 4-11 calories burnt per minutes)
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - Fun size cups come with 110 calories which would require you to jump rope for nearly half an hour (27.5 minutes) to burn off
  • Skittles - 60 calories per fun sized bag and it takes 7.5 minutes of punching a boxing bag to work those off.
  • Butterfinger - Fun size Butterfinger packs 85 calories and you’ll need to swing a kettlebell for anywhere for up to 21 minutes to burn that many calories.
  • Twix - Twix fun size bars clock in at 80 calories. To work those off, get ready to do eight minutes of box jumps.
  • M&Ms - M&M fun-size bags are 73 calories, which takes seven minutes on the treadmill at a 5% incline going four miles per hour to burn
  • Sour Patch Kids - A five-ounce bag has 150 calories and to burn those off, you’ll be slamming battle ropes for a solid 13 minutes.

Yeah, I think we'll pass on that next handful of Halloween candy!


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