The Most Common Recurring Nightmares Based On Where You Live

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Do you dream about random high school memories or falling all the time? Turns out you're not alone and they are two of the most recurring dreams people have in the US!

According to a new survey by Amerisleep, while one of the most recurring dream themes is about being back in school, it was actually falling or being chased that was one of the most common themes people say they experienced in a dream or nightmare.

They even broke it down by region and found that these were the most common themes across the US:

  • Flying (common in the West, Southwest, and South)
  • "Mortality" (common in the Midwest)
  • Being Back in School (common in the West, Midwest, Northeast, and South)

Experts also say that regulating your bedroom's temperature and reducing your daily stressors are some of the best ways to combat nightmare scenarios when sleeping so it might be time to change up your bedroom routines!

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