This Airline Is Incentivizing People To Take The Middle Seat With Prizes

Midsection Of Man Sitting In Airplane

Photo: Getty Images

For the most part, nobody really wants to take the middle seat, especially if you're flying by yourself, but Virgin Australia wants to encourage you to take the middle seat with their new incentive campaign!

The airline just launched a campaign that offers a chance at prizes if you choose the middle seat or get assigned to it involuntarily. Those people who had to sit between two people can enter a “lotto” to win prizes, with the airline offering up $230,000 worth of prizes, like a Caribbean cruise, Premium Economy flights, a helicopter pub crawl, and more.

To be eligible for prizes, travelers must be a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, be at least 18, and have sat in a middle seat on a Virgin Australia-operated domestic flight by April 23rd in 2023. They also must enter the "Middle Seat Lottery" via the airline’s app within 48 hours of their flight’s scheduled departure time.

Sounds like we might be taking the middle seat more often just to get the chance of getting a free upgrade on our next flight!

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