Pumpkin Spice Foods Apparently Cost Up To 160% More Than Regular Versions

Autumn Pumpkin Spice Latte

Photo: Getty Images

Turns out you might have to wait until December to stock up on all your pumpkin spice foods because they are upcharged a TON during pumpkin spice season!

New research from Magnify Money found that pumpkin spice products this year cost 14% more on average than the regular version of the same products and can go up to a 160% increase based on the type of product.

While upcharging customers for seasonal or limited-time products is nothing new for retailers, because the products are all small-ticket items, customers may not even notice the higher cost or are just willing to pay more for a seasonal treat.

According to some of the research here are some of the prices increases on your favorite products compared to their normal versions:

  • Starbucks Latte: Regular ($5.45), Pumpkin Spice ($6.45)
  • Trader Joe's Pretzels: Regular ($2.29 for 12 oz.), Pumpkin Spice ($2.99 for 6 oz.)

You can see more HERE, but it might be time to just buy pumpkin spice seasoning and see if that works the same for a lower cost!

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