Apple Has Been Accused Of Purposely Making Android Texts Harder To Read

5 friends with smartphones, close up.

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wondered why you cringe every time someone with an Android phone sends you a message to your iPhone? Turns out there's an actual reason why and Apple may be to blame!

According to a new report, Apple has actually been accused of using color contrast to make its iMessages more appealing than a regular text from Android users and it's mainly because of the blue or green bubbles.

iMessage’s blue/white contrast provide greater color contrast than the green/white color scheme you see with Android messages and the greater distinction between light and dark results in more readable texts. This results in a better experience when messaging iPhone users versus Android users.

You can learn more about the exact details HERE, but just get ready for this to be the proof Android users keep in the back pocket at all times when they get roasted for texting in the group chat!

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