Bunny Man Bridge Ranked As One Of The Scariest Places In The US

It's officially spooky season y'all and it turns out you don't have to go far if you want to visit one of the US's scariest places because Bunny Man Bridge near Fairfax Station, VA made the list!

In case you don't know what Bunny Man Bridge is, it's essentially a bridge near Fairfax and Centreville that locals say is the home to a patient who escaped from a nearby asylum and killed locals while wearing a bunny costume.

Now there's no word on if the legend is actually true, but from time-to-time people do admit to seeing someone dressed in a bunny costume around the bridge around this time of the year!

In case you want to plan your own myth-busting adventure HERE is the exact address of Bunny Man Bridge and in case you want to make a whole road trip out of it then here are the other scariest places in the US!

Also in case you don't want to visit Bunny Man Bridge because it's too far or too scary for you, then you can relive the show visiting the "haunted site" for Halloween below!

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