Balenciaga Is Releasing A Line Of Purses That Look Like Chip Bags

Chalk another expensive purse that looks super weird up to Balenciaga because the fashion brand is now releasing a new clutch that looks like a discard bag of Lay's potato chips!

The collab with Lay’s made its debut during Balenciaga’s spring/summer 2023 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, and as expected, the bags can easily be mistaken for used bags of chips that you know somebody is going to accidentally throw away. However, fingers crossed they don't because the bags retail for $1,800!

The Balenciaga bags won’t be available until next summer, but they will come in four flavors that we know of, including the original Lay's bag, flamin’ hot, limon and salt and vinegar, so you can get one to match every outfit.

You can see what the chip clutches look like below!

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