This Small Canadian Town Is The Home Of A Giant Cheeto Statue

You may have Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben on your travel bucket list, but you might want to add the town of Cheadle in Canada to that list because they are now the hosts of a giant Cheeto statue!

Cheadle is a small town of around 100 people that is right outside Calgary and is now the home to a 17-foot tall statue of a set of Cheeto-dusted fingertips, reaching out of the earth to grab a single orange Cheeto Puff.

The monument was placed by PepsiCo Canada earlier this week and they chose Cheadle because the orange powder that covers your fingers when eating Cheetos is actually called "cheetle" so it made since with the town name.

The "Cheetle Hand Statue" will be on display at 400 Railway Avenue from now through November 4th where it will then be moved to a different town, but this seems like the PERFECT photo spot for the gram!

Time to make travel plans for Canada next month!

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