New Evidence Claims You Don't Need To Store Ketchup In Your Fridge

Heinz 57 ketchup packets

Photo: Getty Images

Do you store your ketchup in the fridge or in the pantry when you're not using it? Turns out you don't necessarily need to put your bottle of ketchup immediately in the fridge according to this doctor!

Dr. Zac Turner recently wrote a column on where some of our favorite condiments, like ketchup and peanut butter, should be properly stored and he revealed that both types of condiments DON'T need to be refrigerated.

Turner added that tomato sauce and similar condiments, such as BBQ sauce and mustard, don’t need to be refrigerated due to their ‘high acidity and processing’ which prevents bacteria from growing as rapidly as other sauces and foods.

However, he insists on following the condiments' labels to know the best place for storage, but something tells us this might start a mini-argument with your roommate or partner on where to properly store all of your condiments! Good luck!

You can read more from his column HERE!

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