Marvel Is Releasing A Three-Foot-Tall Action Figure For $400

How would you react if your found out your partner dropped $400 on an action figure that will most likely scare you in the middle of the night because it's almost three feet tall? Turns out it's almost a reality thanks to an upcoming figure from Hasbro and Marvel!

Marvel teamed up with Hasbro in late 2021 to crowdfund an action figure based on Galactus, who is a big villain in the comic books, and instead of being the normal six-inch toy you're used to seeing, it stands at 32-inches-tall!

The even worse part is that the figure cost $399.99 and you could only get it if you participated in the initial crowdfunding last year. The even weirder thing is that the figure is FINALLY coming out in the next few weeks to backers.

This isn't the first time Hasbro's HasLab series has given us luxury-level action figures, but this definitely might have you questioning your partner's priorities if you see the below figure pop up in your home in the next few months!

On the bright side, the Galactus figure is already reselling on eBay starting at $790 so you could quickly make your partner make a return on their investment and get it out of your home!

Also if you happen to not have an extra $400 lying around then you can check out the official unboxing of the Galactus figure below, which is completely free!

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