This Hyper-Realistic Nicolas Cage Mask Sells For $1,999

If you've always wanted to dress up as Nicolas Cage for Halloween it just got easier if you're willing to fork over a not-so-small amount of change on this hyper-realistic mask that looks way too similar to the actor!

An artist who goes by Rubber Larry and Legion M have teamed up to sell 30 "hyper-realistic masks" of Nicolas Cage's character Red Miller from his film Mandy and this might be the best mask you could ever get of Nicolas Cage.

You can see in the video below Adam Savage try on the mask and while it costs $1,999, it might be worth the price tag if you're into Halloween or cosplays.

Fingers crossed this means we can get a Nicolas Cage mask that's less bloody so we can recreate our favorite scenes from National Treasure near the monuments!

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