Taco Bell Is Bringing Back The Enchirito This November

Get ready for another OG staple of Taco Bell's menu to come back because thanks to a fan poll the Enchirito will be reintroduced to the menu starting in November!

A few weeks ago Taco Bell announced that it would be bringing back one of two items to its menu this fall: the Double Decker Taco or the Enchirito, but let fans decide which item came back first and the Enchirito had over 62% of the 760,000 votes cast in the past few weeks.

Since the Enchirito won the poll, it will officially come back for a limited time starting on November 17th until the end of November and if you have never had one before it's essentially beef, bean and onion stuffed inside a flour tortilla that's topped with red sauce and melted cheddar cheese.

Now there's no word on if the Double Decker Taco will have to compete against another discontinued item to make a comeback, but just get ready for lines at your local Taco Bell to be extra-long next month!

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