This Couple Went Viral For Catering Their Wedding With Costco For $800

Weddings in 2022 aren't getting any cheaper, but this couple's way to make their catering budget cheaper might be something you want to do because they only spent $800 on food from Costco!

While the average wedding costs around $28,000 as of 2022, this couple in Taiwan went viral with their budget-friendly buffet made up of things they really only purchased at Costco.

The couple had an outdoor reception in a park so and their spread looked pretty fancy for just being from Costco, including baskets of crostini, croissant sandwiches wrapped and tied with twine, fruit and vegetables scattered for edible décor, and other foods.

They even got their wedding cake from Costco and while this might not be doable for your wedding just know that if your venue lets you do whatever then why not save some money!?

You can see some of their photos HERE, but just make sure you okay everything with your partner before canceling your current catering plans!

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