Airbnb Is Renting Out The Sanderson Sisters' House From 'Hocus Pocus'

We just found the PERFECT spot to watch Hocus Pocus 2 this Halloween because Airbnb has recreated the Sanderson Sisters' home in the woods of Salem, Massachusetts!

Airbnb has recreated the cottage in celebration of Hocus Pocus finally getting a sequel on September 30th and it looks exactly as it does in the original film.

Not only will the sisters' spell book (BOOOOOK), the Black Flame candle, and their giant cauldron be present in the home, but there will also be some décor themed to look like how the house does in the film with a potential appearance by a black cat or two.

The cottage will host two guests for a one-night stay on October 20th for $31 and the listing will be offered starting October 12th at 1pm so get your Airbnb app ready and see what the spot looks like below!

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