Hasbro Will Turn You Into An Action Figure Starting This Week

If you're looking for the perfect gift for the collector in your life or have always wanted an action figure of yourself then get ready because Hasbro is making it a reality starting on September 30th!

Earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con Hasbro announced that it would be partnering with 3D-printing company Formlabs to allow fans to create six-inch action figures of themselves and the date is FINALLY here.

The figures will be part of the "Selfie Series" and to order a custom figure you'll need to download Hasbro's mobile app to scan your face and put it on a figure of your choosing like a Stormtrooper, X-Wing pilot, Princess Leia, Mandalorian, Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Red Power Ranger, Pink Power Ranger, Snake Eyes, Scarlett, or a male or female Ghostbuster.

Figures will cost you $80 and the turnaround is 45-60 days after ordering your figure so it'll come right in time for the holidays. Just maybe give your special someone a heads up that you're taking headshots of them for a gift they're definitely going to love in a few months!

You can learn more about the process HERE!

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