People Are Filtering Vodka Through Water Filters To 'Make It Taste Better'

Need a party trick to entertain your friends while pre-gaming or hanging out this weekend? Apparently your water filter can filter out the taste of cheap vodka according to TikTok!

A ton of people on the Internet have gone viral trying to pour cheap, bottom-shelf vodka into their water filters and drinking said filtered alcohol after. The same people have claimed that the alcohol loses its bad taste and doesn't even taste like alcohol.

Now your mileage may vary on how effective whatever alcohol you pour into your water filter still is, but at least it won't smell and taste bad! You can see how two people reacted to their first shot of "filtered vodka" below and just get ready to sacrifice your water filter when doing this!

Also in case you wanted to know if the same filter process could work on wine and tequila then check out the below videos!

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