These NFL Stadiums Have The Most Expensive Beer In 2022

American Football and Beer

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If you're looking to grab a beer while watching your favorite team like the Commanders or Ravens this season then get ready to pay a little extra this season because the average price of beer this year has gone up. 

According to, the league average cost for beer is $9.56 and the Philadelphia Eagles are the team with the actual highest cost for beer with an average price of $14.67. 

Luckily the Commanders and Ravens weren't anywhere close with the price of beer costing about $11.00 at FedEx Field and beer setting you back $8.13 M&T Bank Stadium, but here were the most expensive stadiums to get a beer this season (so far): 

  • $14.67: Eagles 
  • $13.75: Rams, Chargers 
  • $12.00: Raiders 
  • $11.50: 49ers, Saints, Jaguars 
  • $11.00: Dolphins, Giants, Commanders 
  • $10.50: Titans, Seahawks, Panthers 
  • $9.50: Cowboys, Packers 
  • $9.29: Steelers 
  • $8.80: Bears, Bills 
  • $8.63: Buccaneers 
  • $8.50: Chiefs 
  • $8.40: Patriots 
  • $8.13: Ravens, Browns, Cardinals 
  • $8.00: Texans, Vikings, Colts 
  • $7.50: Broncos 
  • $6.59: Bengals 
  • $6.25: Lions, Falcons, Jets 


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