Now Is The Best Time To Book Your Flight For The Holidays

Serene young man watching plane before departure

Photo: Getty Images

We can all agree that traveling this summer might not have been the best flight experiences we've had as many airlines readjusted to pre-COVID flight numbers, but to prepare you for the holidays experts are saying to book your flight now! 

Though it's too early to tell just how busy the fall and winter holidays will be, now through October 20th is when you can find the best airfares for Thanksgiving and the December holidays. 

Experts say right after Halloween and up until the actual holidays that flight prices will only increase, and you'll be hard-pressed to find the best flights out of the day without multiple connecting flights. 

Expedia even found that you can save more money for the holidays if you fly on the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday before a holiday as well so if you have that extra PTO then use it to your advantage! 

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