These Are The Current Halloween Trends For 2022

Creepy faces made by party people

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Even though we're a little over halfway in September, it might be time to start thinking about your Halloween costume and thanks to Spirit Halloween we know that you're going to see A LOT of witches and Euphoria characters on October 31st!

The Halloween pop-up chain revealed its top trends for the upcoming Halloween season and below is what you're going to see A LOT of for the next month:

  • Witches – This year will be a big year for witches thanks to Hocus Pocus 2 coming out and everyone wanting to be the Sanderson sisters
  • Binge Worthy and Big Screen – Costumes from Stranger Things, Ted Lasso, Yellowstone, The Addams Family and Sonic are already big sellers this year.
  • Clowns – You're going to see a lot more clowns from IT and Killer Klowns From Outer Space because they're making a small comeback!
  • Classic Horror Characters – Ghost Face, Chucky, Freddy, Jason, are as popular as ever.
  • Anime & Video Games – Characters from franchises like Minecraft, Fortnite, Dragon Ball Z, and Attack On Titan will be big this year.
  • Family Favorite Characters – Characters such as Buzz Lightyear, Encanto, Bluey, etc.
  • Ghouls – In general, spooky costumes will be the rave, whether it’s zombies or vampires.

Also in case you need something to get your ready for spooky season, check out the trailer for Hocus Pocus 2 below which comes out on September 30th on Disney Plus!

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