A Bakery Receipt Accidentally Ruined This Couple's Gender Reveal

Say what you will about gender reveal parties, but we all live for seeing gender reveals slightly go wrong and we can laugh at them, but this couple might not be laughing after the bakery they used to make their gender reveal cake spoiled the gender of the baby!

TikTok user @elizabethmaclay recently shared how her dad went to go pick up the cake for her gender reveal, but while he was picking it up he looked at the receipt to make sure everything was all good and saw what his future grandkid was going to be.

Apparently on the receipt the bakery listed the inside of the cake as "pink" and "for a girl" which stinks for the soon-to-be grandpa, but at least he didn't spoil it for the mom-to-be!

You can see the video of his reaction below!

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