A TikToker Is Asking To Be Cursed By Witches To Prove They're Not Real

Witch With Magic Book

Photo: Getty Images

Why do we feel like this TikToker is jinxing himself when it comes to asking the witches of TikTok to curse him?

TikToker Ethan Keiser recently asked to be cursed by witches so that he could debunk their power on #WitchTok and he asked every big witch creator on the app to try their best and curse him.

Apparently after Keiser posted his request, which you can see below, he did get follow-up messages asking for photos, old clothing, and samples of his hair and nails so that a hex could be put on him that would start in three days to three weeks from his original post.

We're about to pass the three week mark since Keiser's original post and nothing has happened to him, but something tells us the hex waits until the last moment to work out all the kinks.

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