Heinz Is Selling Ketchup-Stained Clothes Online

Spill something on your shirt and worried about other people seeing it? Turns out you don't have to worry anymore because Heinz is trying to turn pre-stained clothes into the latest fashion trend!

The condiment brand has teamed up with a vintage clothing brand to release purposefully ketchup-stained shirts that are actually stained artistically with ketchup before you can wear them.

100% of proceeds from the collaboration will go to Rise Against Hunger in support of global hunger relief and the "Heinz Vintage Drip" collection has been intentionally designed to be inclusive across size and gender so everyone can get in on the "ketchup stain game."

The first drop of merch dropped on August 30th and a second drop will happen on September 13th, but you can go HERE to get your "vintage drip" on and see what some of the clothes look like below!

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