The Ravens Mascot Had To Be Carted Off The Field This Weekend

No matter which side you were rooting for this weekend between the Commanders and Ravens we all collectively came together when the Ravens mascot Poe got injured during halftime and had to be carted off the field!

Poe was playing youth football during the halftime break of the game at M&T Bank Stadium, but at some point he fell down and laid on the field before five minutes before three people were needed to get him on the cart.

Apparently Poe had injured his left leg and almost delayed the start of the game's third quarter because he wasn't put on the cart until a minute left in the halftime break.

You can see the footage of Poe being placed in the cart below!

Somehow Poe managed to come back to the game later in the third quarter, but according to the Ravens he suffered a "damaged drumstick" and they are awaiting test results!

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