New Study Claims Classical Music Is The Best Way To Calm Your Dog

Golden Retriever Dog wearing headphones

Photo: Getty Images

Trying to calm your dog whenever you have to step out of the house? You might want to stick to just playing music instead of putting on their favorite show or audiobook!

According to a new study from Queen's University Belfast in Northern Ireland, playing classic musical is the best way to reduce separation anxiety with your pup and help them de-stress.

Researchers played Mozart and the audiobook of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to over 82 dogs in the study and found that those who were exposed to classical music were faster to lie down than those who listened to someone reading them a story.

You can most likely assume the same effect happens whenever you leave the TV on for your dog as well because your dog reacts to hearing different voices in the house that aren't yours.

At least our dogs will become bigger fans of Mozart and Beethoven than we are!

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