New Study Claims People Who Listen To Music While Studying Have Better GPAs

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Students of all ages are headed back to school starting this week in the DMV and it turns out that if you want to do better this school year then you might want to listen to more music while studying or doing homework!

According to a new survey, people who like to listen to music while studying are likely to have a better GPA with at least a 3.2 compared to those who didn't listen to music.

Out of the students surveyed, 75% of them said that they were better able to absorb more information when music was playing in the background and that it made learning more enjoyable.

Turns out that certain genres of music are the go-to as well with classical music being the most-listened to genre of music people listen to when studying. Here were some of the other popular genres:

  • Classical
  • R&B
  • Country
  • Rock

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