This Couple Went Viral For Taking A DNA Test To See If They Were Related

You may have heard of the "Siblings or Dating" trend on social media where people try to figure out if a couple is a pair of siblings or in a relationship based solely on their photo, but this couple had to actually take a DNA test to see if they actually were related or not!

Carley and Mercedes are both OnlyFans models who have posted on social media about their relationship for the past two years, but what they just learned was that both of their moms had actually slept with the same man before they were both born.

This would make them both half-sisters if things didn't go the way they wanted, but they actually took a DNA test to see if they were related or not because their followers kept telling them they looked alike.

You can see in the video below what the results were, but let's just say they're in the clear and that their relationship continues to prove that we often date people that have similar facial features to ourselves!

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