Wendy's Is Adding French Toast Sticks To Its Breakfast Menu

Get ready to head to a Wendy's later this month for breakfast because the fast-food chain is introducing French toast sticks to the menu!

Wendy's announced earlier this week that their Homestyle French Toast Sticks will officially join its breakfast menu starting on August 15th so you will soon have another breakfast option for whenever you have kids with you in the car or you just love a good French toast stick.

This is Wendy's first "sweet" breakfast option since revamping their breakfast menu a few years ago and are made with real eggs and dipped in milk custard with “a hint of vanilla.”

Wendy's French toast sticks will be available in four-piece, six-piece, or six-piece combo options (with seasoned potatoes and a beverage) and I think I know where the show is ordering breakfast from later this month!

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