This Is Why Most Airplanes Have "Small Holes" In Their Windows

Have you ever noticed that if you ever get the window seat on a flight that the window has a few tiny holes in it? Turns out you're not a lone and a former pilot went viral on TikTok for revealing why airplane windows have these holes!

According to the former pilot, the three little holes you may see on your airplane window allow pressure between the three pounds of acrylic window to increase and decrease when you take off or land for your flight.

The three holes help the pressure balance throughout your flight and the pilot was later backed up by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who say that the "bleed hole" allow the air pressure to balance and prevent the window from fogging up or frosting over.

You can see the TikTok below, but at least your flight isn't in the air with a huge hole like this viral flight from last week!

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