Fake Wedding Rings Are A Growing Trend In 2022

We can all agree that things are getting more expensive than they were before the pandemic and it looks like because things are so expensive that fake wedding rings are on the rise.

Fake rings are making a comeback not just for fashion purposes but also to serve as a stand-in for an expensive wedding ring that your partner may or may not actually like.

Jewelry company Sterling Forever posted an Instagram reel explaining why more people are proposing with fake rings and the main reasons included: sizing issues, the receiver not liking the ring, or the couple loses the ring soon after the proposal.

They suggest that using a fake ring to propose with can then let you and your partner buy the perfect ring together and the comments were pretty split on which way to go.

How would you/did your partner propose? Would you want them to surprise you with an expensive ring or propose and buy it with you later?

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