Tiffany & Co. Is Turning NFTs Into Jewelry For $50,000

Do you have an NFT that you wish you could actually touch/hold onto? Turns out you can now do that if you have $50,000 to drop at Tiffany & Co.!

The jewelry brand just announced that it is teaming up with CryptoPunks to release a limited collection called "NFTiff" where you can turn your NFT into an actual piece of jewelry.

The collab will only be limited to 250 pieces and if you want to make NFT jewelry, you have to unfortunately trade 30 ETH which cost around $47,250 as of right now.

The jewelry pieces will be made from 18K rose or yellow gold and include at least 30 stones according to Tiffany and sales do start on August 5th, but something tells us you're probably better off just keeping your NFT in the digital space instead of spending a TON of money to make it real.

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