A Company Is Planning A 'Real Life Jurassic Park' With Woolly Mammoths

Mammoth in the middle of mountains . This is a 3d render illustration

Photo: Getty Images

Cue the John Williams music because a team of researchers and scientists are currently planning a real-life Jurassic Park, but instead of vicious dinosaurs they are looking to bring back woolly mammoths instead!

The company that wants to bring the mammoths back is called Colossal and they want to essentially take mammoth genetics and put them into existing Asian elephants, the mammoth's closest modern day relative.

The idea is that mammoths are great at bashing down forests, which might not sound like it's helping climate change, but it could create large grasslands in the tundra of Siberia, which could help preserve the permafrost beneath.

This could then help huge huge amounts of harmful gases and carbon to be stored and not released into our ozone layer.

So while we won't necessarily be bringing an extinct animal from 40,000 years ago, at least we can pretend that they're back instead!

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