Pets Are Freaking Out Over Their Owners Playing The Video Game 'Stray'

You got to love it when smaller video games go viral on the Internet and it looks like the video game Stray is the "King of Internet Memes" right now thanks to pets reacting to their owners play the game.

Stray is a game that released earlier this month where you explore the world as a ginger cat and get to essentially live out your cat fantasies by messing with people, taking naps, and also surviving a robot apocalypse.

However, the game has gone viral on the Internet thanks to the adorableness of the cat protagonist and it's even caused real pets to get excited and freak out when their owners are playing the game.

You can see some examples of how pets are interreacting with the game, but something tells me we might be getting sequel to the game in the near-future! Plus it also helps that the game is helping actual animal shelters get cats adopted so it's a win-win for everybody!

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